Martin Forés’s Decorative Arts and Trompe-L´Oeil Workshop offer you the possibility of carrying out any decoration project connected to Fine Arts  and the traditional profession of the Painter and Decorator.

In these pages you can see differents examples of decorative application finishes on furniture and walls, some recovered from the past, and other ones, the result of the investigation and love for this profession. The grisaille, the false marble, the gold leaf, the stuccos, the false wood, the patina and the stencil are some of the techniques used to create different personal and original spaces.Trompe l´oeil is the painting technique that makes things seem real although they are merely painted, thus it makes possible to design environements which seem really magical.

Fine Arts also has here its space. One series of pictures painted with diverse techniques (oil, acrylic-vinyl, digital painting, collage, mixed techniques), and some sculptures, are good decorative resources that contribute to raise the value of decoration.

As a poster artist, Martin Forés, has received more than 30 awards, some of them you can see in the corresponding section, so you can also have an idea about the artist’s creative  capacity in his different artistic disciplines.

Twenty years of experience and apprenticeship have born fruit, the possibility of making a contribution to the decorative world and the guarantee of knowing how to do it well.

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